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Successful companies like Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, and Apple have transcended industry boundaries successfully by leveraging platform business models and AI.

Think about how Tesla is learning from its drivers to build a fully self-driving car and how it moved into energy storage systems. Or how Amazon evolved from an e-commerce platform into a cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, and then into intelligent assistants with Alexa and further into the off-line grocery business with the acquisition of Whole Foods.

But, you should not think only the big and mighty with mega VC funding can change the world. Our purpose is to help you to transform your business.

To do this, we will discuss and share insights as well as case studies on how to

  • Change your business model
  • Launch your new platform
  • Learn faster than the competition
  • Use tools like API to expand your business
  • Overcome irrational fear and turn it into energy

Tero joined Nokia 1990 and worked there through the rise and the fall of mobile business until 2011.

As CTO and Chief Strategy Officer, Tero helped to set-up several tools for business transformation, like corporate venturing andthe Nokia Growth Partners fund.  After Nokia, he co-founded Visionplus, an early-stage venture fund.

Deep industry experience and research define our work.

To help companies to transform with AI, Tero co-founded of Silo.AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, in 2017.

Silo.AI is working with customers from manufacturing, maritime, automotive, finance, media, and other industries.

Timo’s work on Nokia’s strategy implementation is the most cited article published since 2015 in Administrative Science Quarterly, the leading research-oriented management journal.

For over 15 years, Timo has explored how technology-intensive companies formulate and execute strategies, particularly the interaction between the psychological, technological, and formal sides of the process like described in the Harvard Business Review article “How Nokia Embraced the Emotional Side of Strategy.”

Timo has studied how companies formulate strategy under uncertainty, especially how scenario tools help in the process. He is an author of the book “Living Strategy” together with Group Executive Chairman of OP Financial Group, the largest financial services group in Finland. He has consulted several companies in the application of scenario-based strategy work.

Get to know the authors

Tero Ojanperä

Tero Ojanperä

Executive Chairman&Co-Founder, Silo.AI

Ex CTO and Member of the Group Executive Board of Nokia

Chairman&Co-founder, Visionplus Fund

Board Member of DNA Ltd (part of Telenor Plc)

Listed as the 7th most creative person in business in 2009 by the Fast Company

Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum

Timo Vuori

Timo Vuori

Assistant Professor in Strategic Management at Aalto University, Finland

Executive Advisor at August management consulting


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