Speaking & workshops

We give keynotes, executive briefings and workshops on platform strategy. Whether it is a keynote for a large event or tailored workshop to your leadership team, we will make it practical and worth your time.

Our workshop will advance your strategic thinking on business platforms in a practical way and help initiate organizational transformation to create competitive advantage with platforms.

An example workshop will address the following questions

  • Why you should pursue platform opportunities – i.e. how platforms are changing industries, creating major threats and opportunities for industry incumbents and new players
  • What are the hard strategic and technological choices you need to make to create a successful platform – i.e. what is the economic and technological logic behind platform growth and success. How you can leverage network effects, APIs, and artificial intelligence to build competitive advantage and customer value?
  • How you should pace your actions over time – you cannot become a leading platform overnight, but you need to take actions in an appropriate sequence to create your success.
  • How you can manage the psychological challenges of becoming a platform company – Transforming into a platform creates major emotional and psychological challenges for top leaders and other members of the organization. These challenges can cause erroneous decisions and resistance. With the right approach, you can overcome these challenges and turn fear into positive energy

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